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speed agility strength for athletes

Speed agility strength video


Speed agility strength for all athletes. This half day camp is a great opportunity to condition for all serious athletes for their fall sports.

Fitnessforfun llc and Competitive Edge have teamed up for our first annual summer camp together . It will be held outdoors at the Albany college of pharmacy turf field . Dates and times are the following, 7/15 thru 7/18 , 9:30am-12:30pm each day.

Therefore if you’re a serious athlete, you know how important speed agility strength training is in your daily routine. And our cutting edge speed agility training is different than any others in the area.

The camp focuses on proper body positioning with athletic movement. Using resistance bands to teach the athletes body to adjust to the band with the movement. Going through dynamic warmup each day. Conditioning every day . There will be two days of upper / lower body strength training .

Because at the end of the camp each athlete will begin to grasp the concepts of body positioning to help their lateral movement on the field or court. First step explosiveness will be better. This camp is a great start for all athletes, so why not start at our camp.

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