Coach K has been a Fitness / Speed/Agility Strength trainer for 25+years. IYCA (International Youth Conditioning Association) member since 2008. IYCA certified Youth Fitness Specialist and Youth Speed/Agility Specialist. Speed/Agility/Conditioning trainer at Guilderland HS 2008-2012. I trained for Blackwatch Premier, Guilderland Premier, Shaker HS, and Taconic HS teams. Also worked with Men/Womens Soccer teams at Albany College of Pharmacy and just recently worked with Sage women’s lacrosse team.

My Speed/Agility/Conditioning program is applicable for all sports: soccer, lacrosse, football, softball, baseball, field hockey, volleyball, and basketball. Summer camps and pre-season conditioning for high school and college athletes. Individual, group, and team training experience. Fitness For Fun / The Competitive Edge programs focus on developing increasing speed in your 40-yard time, increasing your power shot on goal, or increasing your power swing at bat for all ages. Also, soccer coach for 25+ years. US Soccer D License. Guilderland Premier, Black Watch Premier, Bethlehem Central HS.

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